Tiny ink drawings by Taylor Mazer

Each intricately drawn piece by Michigan-based artist, Taylor Mazer, is no more than a few inches in size, making them even smaller than the micron pens he uses to draw them. Yet his hyper-detailed city scenes are packed with realism and a sort of gritty atmosphere. Using a micron pen, straight edge, and mechanical pencil, Mazer brings to the viewer the less-seen landscape. His dark-toned landscapes will feature empty alleyways, shaded streets underneath highways, and dimly lit buildings at night. Far from criticizing the urban space, his drawings celebrate the details and perspectives we often overlook.

Born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI, Mazer drew prolifically throughout high school earning various high school based awards. He went on to attend Kendall College of Art and Design. Each of his pieces is a testament to the artist’s fine level of control while drawing at small-scale. [h/t emptykingdom.com]Taylor-Mazer14Taylor-Mazer2 Taylor-Mazer3 Taylor-Mazer4 Taylor-Mazer5 Taylor-Mazer6 Taylor-Mazer7 Taylor-Mazer8 Taylor-Mazer10 Taylor-Mazer12