Topographical line works by Katy Ann Gilmore

There’s something very soothing and satisfying about looking at the mesh-patterned works of LA-based artist, Katy Ann Gilmore. Trails of 2-dimensional bisecting lines meander across the canvas and trick the eye to see 3-dimensional form. Maybe it’s the simplicity of the flowing, undulating lines that come together to create stunning mountain ranges and outdoor topographies. And subtle shades of color are added to the edges to give each work an extra eye-catching pop.

Gilmore creates each piece by hand using pens and markers. Having studied both mathematics and visual arts, she was intrigued by the idea of how 2D planes could be manipulated and warped to create the illusion of 3D shape. She strives to blend the two seemingly disparate vocations in each of her pieces, creating artworks that are impressive both for their meticulous execution and inspiring composition. [h/t:]katyanngilmore katyanngilmore1 katyanngilmore2 katyanngilmore4 katyanngilmore8 katyanngilmore10 katyanngilmore13 katyanngilmore14 katyanngilmore17 katyanngilmore20 katyanngilmore21 katyanngilmore23