Topographical portraiture’s by Samuel Rodriguez

I’m Samuel Rodriguez, a San José, California based artist known best for two kinds of portrait styles I call, “Topographical Portraiture” and “Type Faces”.  Topographical Portraits, are made by stylizing a portrait with topographical lines and shapes in a similar manner to those found through images on geographic maps. Type Faces, incorporate typography and portraiture. I developed these techniques in order to explore my interest in social, historic, and cultural hybridity.

These are from my ‘Type Faces’ series which incorporate typography and portraiture on different platforms including walls, paintings, and drawings. It is an ongoing series that draws inspiration from social, historic, and cultural hybridity in regards to personal identity. contact: website: inflection3 ZarapeGirl ViejitoEdit2 Sample4 inflection3 FreedomThinkFinal2 Ernie2 DSC00499C DSC00492 BooYah2