Unconventional portraits drawn on paper maps by Ed Fairburn

English artist Ed Fairburn begins his portraits using a very unique kind of canvas. He uses vintage paper maps and star charts as the foundation for his portraits and integrates their visage into the maps’ criss-crossed lines. The lines of his pens appear only to accentuate and strengthen the zigzags of roads and the waves of contour lines. People appear as though they are materializing out of the landscape itself.

“In his hands, both built infrastructure and natural phenomena echo the organic human form,” said Denver’s Mike Wright Gallery. “National highway systems become capillaries, and the tangle of Paris’ alleyways become the wrinkles that give the face history and individuality.”

Fairburn will be exhibiting a new show in collaboration with John Wentz at the Mike Wright Gallery until December 19th. [h/t mymodernmet.com]Map1 Map3 Map4 Map5 Map6 Map7 Map8 Map9 Map10 Map11 Map12 Map14 Map15