The Vibrant Collages of Maike Lüdenbach

Hello everyone! My name is Maike Lüdenbach, and I’m an artist based in Vienna, Austria who has chosen collage and working with different materials as my main artistic form to express myself. Trough meticulously cutting out different images from old lexicons or high end fashion magazines, I try to absorb the actual social agenda being presented. Doing this repeatedly, it feels like  form of meditation. I ask questions through the images I choose – questions on a larger scale about our consumeristic behavior, our  sexuality, our issues with gender identity, the definition of a norm and imply a feminist statement.
erase-face-two-I_800 IMG_3559_recorte_700 IMG_3560_recorte IMG_3579_recorte insideout_700 jacket III new ohot lara_800 lipstick_700 maike-face-three_800 new framed III new framed paintingIIIIIII_700
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