The Gorgeous ‘Colorless’ Coca Cola Packaging

This is quite a genius idea really, having the coke cans be colorless and only use a press machine to create the branding on the cans. The design itself though, is very clean, sleek, and modern. And because it wouldn’t take any paint, it would reduce costs because obviously no paint, no energy for the painting process, as well it makes it better for the environment. The only downside I can see is the nutritional facts would need a place, but I guess those could be pressed on as well. But overall, Harc Lee did a fantastic job on this package design! As always, enjoy and be inspired!

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  • I suspect that Coke will never have the courage to adopt such an elegant design. But, if a major packaged food co were to adopt such a clean, beautiful design, and subsequently enjoyed some bottom line success, It could start a packaging revolution that would turn our bodegas into art galleries. By the way, this is a wonderful site; very inspirational.

  • I completely agree, it would start a revolution! I mean, mountain dew did those limited edition custom art bottles a couple years ago so I think coke could try a “limited edition” line with these cans.

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