Explosions in the Sky: the Crumbling Landscapes of Jorge Mayet

Jorge Mayet imbues his decaying nature installations with a subtle and subversive beauty. His greenery is lush, verdant and textured and his soil is rich, dark and earthy. The landscapes are teeming with realistic details – though the pieces are made from sponges, paper mache, wire and cloth, every one looks like a living terrarium unleashed. And so, while hyperrealistic in presentation, there’s still a dreamy, surreal, otherworldliness to Mayet’s landscapes.

Jorge_Mayet_Cultura_Inquieta1In some of the pieces, the decay is natural- grass browns, earth crumbles and trees topple. They’re peaceful and organic – an elegant reminder of the impermanence of our natural world. The decay is a slow progression. Others however are violent explosions with wrecked homes flying through space and large boulders colliding mid-air with tree parts. You’re left feeling as though those places were only just shocked with a major catastrophe and the aftermath is still yet to unfold.

Jorge_Mayet_Cultura_Inquieta3The landscapes hang suspended in mid-air or directly onto the wall, juxtaposing the stark white gallery walls with the natural elements of the installations. This aesthetic tension only helps to further the trippy vibe of the landscapes with their saturated colors and tactile textures. [h/t www.culturainquieta.com]

Jorge_Mayet_Cultura_Inquieta4 Jorge_Mayet_Cultura_Inquieta5 Jorge_Mayet_Cultura_Inquieta6 Jorge_Mayet_Cultura_Inquieta8 Jorge_Mayet_Cultura_Inquieta9 Jorge_Mayet_Cultura_Inquieta10 Jorge_Mayet_Cultura_Inquieta11