The Invisible Light Garden, by Mosster Studio

As part of ArtPlay’s New Idea Lab program, Mosster Studio was commissioned to propose a project allowing the studio to experiment and create new work that involved art, technology and children. Mosster, decided to create an immersive experience about the sense of “connectedness” that resulted in an Interactive Art Installation titled “Invisible Light Garden” created with light and projection mapping.3uhu
 The Invisible Light Garden makes visible what the eye cannot see in a garden. The space was a magical garden filled with projected light. Through several workshops, the children of ArtPlay helped co-create garden elements such as it’s colours, shapes and sounds for the garden.cf5678
 Visitors interact with the installation, by moving its elements around, growing a light garden and exploring how connections and actions can affect each other. Visitors become artists of nature by discovering its hidden secrets.gfdctr46
 The Invisible Light Garden is a place of magic, curiosity, playfulness, and beauty, where the unseen bonds between every one of its elements become visible and are shaped by our actions. Invisible Light Garden has allowed us to see the result of a beautiful piece of collaborative artwork, where children’s imagination formed the final installation.    ghrkt567 kjb6654 mnn7 sxflj967