Nabi by Lee Jeong Lok

Korean artist Lee Jeong Lok fills the world with glowing butterflies in this light-painting series. The title of the series, Nabi, comes from the Korean word for butterfly. Landscapes slowly turning to twilight are illuminated by the enchanting insects that flutter across in orchestrated patterns.

“The butterfly, symbolizing a being moving from this world to the other, a spirit, was used to signify a gate and a messenger linking the two worlds,” Lee says. “Nabi, the title of my work, also means prophet in Hebrew. The sphere that sometimes appears stems from the original form and order of the universe. I expressed the spirit inside the form, not the form itself, in the form of nabi, the butterfly.” [h/t]nabi-02 nabi-03 nabi-04 nabi-05 nabi-06 nabi-12 nabi-14 nabi-17 nabi-20 nabi-21