Osteotopia: an instillation piece by Irene Pouliassi

My artwork demonstrates the omnipresent lingering of the existential idea that sets the human existence as a vessel one incidentally fell upon, and thus has no conscious awareness of his ballpoint-sized place in the timetable of infinity. ~Irene Pouliassi1Osteotopia was created as a visual mean to express the decomposition of human forms, flesh and bones as symbols of an existential identity. As subtle forms become transformed through boundaries of the human mind, the viewer is left with an epitaph for one’s real material substance.d93c15_dc0f0a6b11b64c03b471be61e8353435mv2_d_6000_4000_s_4_2-minOriginally from Corfu, Greece, and a graduate of Fine arts school of university of western Macedonia, my work mostly with organic and industrial material. The process of creating her artwork has a Multidisciplinary aspect which is crucial to the process and at the same time an incessant search of an organic combination of several disciplines, taking advantage of the creative and expressive potential of sculpting and painting, I transform my artwork into scenographic installations.d93c15_4ce566493027481ba237ff4983d49376mv2_d_3821_5731_s_4_2-min d93c15_2964864d2c9c4ca2be8ee84bb3453fa9mv2_d_4000_6000_s_4_2-min d93c15_113e94591388465ab63b5b06accb8aecmv2_d_3838_5773_s_4_2-min d93c15_32f37fff5f5842b7b1c14e46aaaffe44mv2_d_6000_4000_s_4_2-min d93c15_32da3a5101844c13b2c17ab8ccf496c5mv2_d_5862_3908_s_4_2-min  d93c15_3d8fb3e03d1e40f3b903d56985f9994fmv2_d_6016_4000_s_4_2-min