Swirling cut paper installations by Mia Pearlman

“The process is very free-form and intuitive” says Mia Pearlman about how she creates her giant hanging paper installations for various galleries around the world. Pearlman starts off each piece by drawing large shapes in ink on paper. Then she cuts out the spaces in between the ink, allowing each prior cut to determine her next move so that she brings about the form of the piece intuitively. After cursory modeling in her home, she travels with the sliced pieces of paper to the gallery and builds them all over again on-site. This makes each swirling, flowing installation completely unique to the time and place, never to be recreated in exactly the same way once taken down.eye_fullviewBased out of Brooklyn, Pearlman began making her cut paper sculptures at the end of 2007. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University in 1996 and enjoys working in a variety of materials, including steel and glass. [h/t  exhibition-ism.com] havoc_rt inrush_center_swirl pearlman_coeva_exterior_left_day pearlman_one_darkside_full subito subito_det