The Magical World Of Mecaniques Discursives

Has there been anything as breathtaking in scope and reach since Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel than Mecaniques Discursives, an audiovisual installation collaboration by Fred Penelle and Legoman? Probably, but few will have taken a graphic designer, an engraver, a scaffolder, a video artist and a fully qualified electrician to make it happen.

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The Mecaniques Discursives project began way back in 2011, and has taken three years of research and a huge amount of commitment from both artists to bear fruit. It is an exhibition that seeks to bring together different epochs, straddling time between the era of banal woodcutting and our era of cutting-edge digital technology. Like an intricate clockwork toy, the possibilities of this exhibition – which has to be seen to be believed – are endless. It’s a pure, unadulterated and magical escape into fascinating worlds. [h/t]

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