Exploring movement with Silviu and Irina Székely

We are Silviu and Irina Székely, Romanian born and currently UK based self-taught photographers and analogue collage artists. Relying on objects that are already there, but juxtaposing them with other images and distorting elements in a Surrealis/Dadaist style, we are exploring the idea of migration, displacement, re-location, dis-location to create new ways of seeing and new meanings to these once so familiar objects and realities. ~Silviu and Irina Székelycopy [in the company of silent beings made of opaque panes which dripped water from their common edge]Grosso modo, our approach to art is very naïve, ludic and hazardous; the manifestations of this approach end up sometimes in finite and continuous reconstructions of once thoroughly accomplished objects. copy [standpoint for basic patterns of so-called life-marred-by-life weighing upon neglected bricks and wood] copy[about the rolls he has just eaten mistaking them with familiar figures from the visitors club] copy[being is conveyed by holding a thin strip of paper with no indication that it is a letter] copy[free-standing screens quietly listening to their conversation] copy[furniture in landscapes from image to image to the folds of the clothes] copy[the dissection of the motionless passenger while other shapes remain vague - the window was open wide, the street was deserted] copy[the Fold and the Unfold - untold story in green of Afterwords] copy[their edges up too close still lamenting the dedicated pastures in various poses and draperies]