Heather Robinson’s mixed media captures joy on canvas

I’m Heather Robinson, a San Francisco-based painter. Early in my career as an artist, I felt repelled by notions of minimalism that were in vogue. “Less is more” felt like a stark philosophical approach to beauty and creating – so I developed my own techniques for layering and compounding colors, graphical elements and natural themes to create a cohesive saturation of emotion on a canvas.arcs_floral3_800Each piece begins as a visual problem created by myself on a fabric-covered panel. Over days and weeks, the empty variables of space and depth get defined through layers, painstakingly applied. Each dries before I add the next, giving the work dimension – but also giving me space to consider the next step in solving the challenge. I delight in creating complex work from an intentionally tricky starting point and watching it unfold and resolve. dotslapisThe elements I use are thematically consistent, but varied in each painting. I draw on a vivid palette, geometric repeating patterns, and natural themes like flowers, leaves or even animals. The juxtaposition of crisp shapes and nebulous colors is intentionally peaceful to the eye. hexdelicateMy pieces are substantial and robust, capable of transporting a wall or room into their bright, lively world of color. I see my work as a celebration of the variety and imperfection of our world – and indeed, many of my clients often reflect that the nuance and detail of the piece reveals itself over time, to their great delight. antiquesentiments_800 arcs_floral1_800