Messages in watercolor, by Maggie P. Chang

I recently decided to take charge of my life when I realized my own dreams of pursuing my own creative projects were being ignored. I have taken a pause from classroom teaching, moved from NYC to LA, and am now focusing on my own artistic endeavors. In my recent work, I’ve tried to merge the worlds of digital and traditional mediums with storytelling. I infuse my love for both graphic design principles and watercolor textures with messages about life. ~Maggie P. ChangCreating each of these pieces involves scanning in numerous watercolor washes and textures, then layering, manipulating, and masking them in Photoshop. My hope is for a result that makes one pause and wonder “How was this made?” Also, each creation is deeply connected to a personal story from my own life and is made with the wish of bringing connection, joy, and encouragement to others. I also share all the stories on my site in hopes that it will make each piece more meaningful to the viewer; for example: