Others: An exploration of contemporary masculinity and homosexuality

Others is an intimate three-person show consisting of Los Angeles based Mark Dutcher and Aaron Smith and UK based Andrew Mania, that seeks to explore contemporary masculinity and homosexuality. The exhibition presents complex masculine identities that challenge historical depictions of strong, muscled men of stature. The works in this show portray a masculinity that is vulnerable, doubtful, idealized or pretty stimulating discussion around modern perspectives of masculinity. These three artists portray alternative masculine identities using differing styles. While Aaron Smith’s bearded Victorian-inspired men take on the ‘bear’ role, Mania’s fay men may be described as modern day ’twinks’. 
Mark Dutcher’s works draw inspiration from queer literature and poetry, in particular that of Jean Genet and Hart Crane. His drowning men pieces commemorate those who have died of AIDS, whilst the bright colors, glitter and vibrant appearance of his works seek to represent positivity within homosexuality.