Psychedelic mixed-media works by Mike Winkelmann

Mike Winkelmann aka Beeple uses a variety of media to conjure up real-life snapshots of his dreams. He creates otherworldly and perfectly weird short films which have screened at onedotzero, Prix Ars Electronica, the Sydney Biennale, Ann Arbor Film Festival and many others. He’s also created visuals used by various electronic music artists like Avicii and Tiesto. For his fans, Beeple has been sharing his off-the-wall works with followers on a daily basis for over nine years.

In the most endearing appeal an artist could make to his followers, the artist writes, “Beeple is Mike Winkelmann. He makes a variety of art crap across a variety of media. Some of it is ok, but a lot of it kind of blows ass. He’s working on making it suck less everyday though so bear with him… :) [h/t]Mike-Winkelmann1 Mike-Winkelmann2 Mike-Winkelmann4 Mike-Winkelmann6 Mike-Winkelmann8 Mike-Winkelmann9 Mike-Winkelmann10 Mike-Winkelmann11 Mike-Winkelmann12 Mike-Winkelmann13 Mike-Winkelmann14 Mike-Winkelmann15