Abstracted figurative paintings by Allison Sommers

Artist Allison Sommers creates mixed-media works that transcend both the figurative and abstract. The monochromatic subjects may appear to be a still life until closer inspection reveals suggestions of both animal and human parts merged together in floating movements of form.allisonsommersa02_dogfight-copySommers is exhibiting her latest series, Bruxism, at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, CA through October 8th. The gallery said of the works: “Anatomically impressionistic, and at times barbaric, her renderings of bodies and humanoid animals appear in a state of troubling excess, rupturing through the flawed boundaries of their outsides. She presents us with a nightmarish vision of embodiment, reminding us of the body’s impermanence and mortal failure while revealing the uncomfortable beauty of the abhorrent.” [h/t thinkspacegallery.com] allisonsommersa03_wither-on-the-vine-copy allisonsommersa04_my-sin-is-always-before-me-copy allisonsommersa07_nothing-would-please-me-more-copy allisonsommersa08_neither-fish-nor-fowl-copy allisonsommersa09_boy-with-a-parrot-copy allisonsommersb03_altarpiece-iii-copy