The acrylic portraits of Lindsey Lively

Being largely self-taught, I have an unorthodox approach to drawing a painting.  My acrylic portraits are both realist and experimental, incorporating exaggeration, simplification, and strong brushwork.  I try not to overwork or over-polish, instead leaving paintings loose and spontaneous. ~Lindsey Lively110-facebookI’ve spent the last eight years living as an illustrator and artist in Illinois, Las Vegas, Northern Arizona, and now, coastal North Carolina.  I live with my husband, designer and hand-letterer Jud Lively, and our little black dog Cricket.  I work out of my home studio, 8 minutes from the beach. 14359009_1803716813208871_7147890740419242506_n 14361398_1803716453208907_1476063343942523433_o 14362506_1803716943208858_6006622225223343276_o 14369944_1803718656542020_1225954338148030637_n 14379618_1803718363208716_715936722108662395_o 14433122_1803718539875365_3103827058269687861_n 14441051_1803718639875355_23279756844222181_n 14445181_1803718613208691_7312573591093450854_o 14457375_1803718303208722_8618471769329951421_n4bd03c42923985-57dc962007086 c81e0d42923985-57dc962000975