Alfred Freddy Krupa’s artistic handwriting

One of my primary goals in my own artistic expression is to avoid the abyss of being “cute”, “tasty”, “nice” and any other deeply rooted formalism (particularly in stereotypical motives/composition and superficial “spirituality”). On other hand, I am trying to reach direct, spontaneous, raw expression, with a heavy emphasis on personal and authentic artistic handwriting.~Alfred Freddy Krupa
Some people are focused on, or even obsessed with the “beauty” of line and its graciosity. And that is a legitimate intention and a necessary one in calligraphic writing, but it is not my path. At the end of the day, I will produce my own shape, my own drawing texture and my own morphology of a line. I do not care if it is “ugly”, almost always a subjective description, or “imperfect”, or not in keeping with a traditional view and a consideration of “craftmanship”. It must be a genuine and direct materialization and footprint of my mind’s flow and structure along with my feeling. And when such an “event” occurs, by default, it inherently contains clarity and artistic honesty. With this approach, I believe that I will create original art, original at its very root, my own artistic grammar.