Celebrating same-ness with Marni Manning

I’m an emerging artist specialising in watercolour and coloured pencil drawings. I began painting over a year ago as a way to combat the insecurities in my life. I felt useless, unimaginative, and lonely, but art gave me a voice in communicating my deepest passion: equality. In making art, I strive to dismantle prejudice. I want to remind people of who they are at their core. Regardless of the walls we build, skin colour, the hierarchies we place on people due to wealth, status, and beauty – we are all human and worthy of love and respect. ~Marni Manning643e5e_8e91d0e0fabb400aac874ae1a19ee4f4In my work, depicting skulls and skeletons celebrates our same-ness. My folk tale illustrations or superstitions show where we have been. I love bringing people together to celebrate each other and their unique differences, but mostly to demonstrate how alike we are in desiring peace, happiness, and acceptance.643e5e_32dac3cb764c4e2994089fc52fe66489~mv2_d_2000_3000_s_2
 I’m submitting “Dreaming of Death,” one painting I made in a series focusing on superstitions from New Orleans. The superstition reads: To dream of death is a sign of marriage; to dream of marriage is a sign of death.643e5e_870c7ce810a547698e7c63fda94093e7~mv2_d_2000_2936_s_2 643e5e_74fb856893e5455a83935e7b08922f7a~mv2 643e5e_750cd501d7cf4a19898f9110b37f104f~mv2_d_1500_1977_s_2  643e5e_4541e9a2cc654ac598ef9226f8ab3c7d 643e5e_d670267b6e63434680e7879cd2741439~mv2 643e5e_e3ccfa810e544ffb90ee67dcd6f7ef61~mv2_d_1500_1857_s_2643e5e_9aadf06cce2342b7bc066bcd2fc7b7f9~mv2