Faceless portraits by Fanny Nushka

While the subjects in Fanny Nushka’s paintings are missing their faces, the artist creates portraits that feel ultimately intimate. Even without seeing their features, we feel as if we can see their lives unfolding for us. Nushka hails from France but was taught some of her skills from an American painter and mentor. Her own works, mixing both classical and modernistic styles, contain a mix of both American and European influences.

“The narrative is not essential for me,” she say. “I enclose the body of my subjects in abstract structures, diagonals, verticals. I use perspective lines as if they were the backbone of my new models.” [h/t inagblog.com]Fanny-Nushka-1 Fanny-Nushka-2 Fanny-Nushka-3 Fanny-Nushka-4 Fanny-Nushka-5 Fanny-Nushka-6 Fanny-Nushka-7 Fanny-Nushka-8