The figurative works of Liu Yuanshou

It’s always so satisfying to see paintings that depict so much deep meaning but put just as much care into being so well-rendered. Chinese artist Liu Yuanshou doesn’t skimp out on the visual goods as he presents us with life-like figures of people coiling through air with red drapery wrapping around their bodies.

From his website: His style alludes to a higher reality that goes beyond the appearance of his subjects, but to their spirit. In his search for purity, he dares to set himself against the current, offering intimate subject matter with utter simplicity, always accentuated by the use of a vibrant red. The paintings then become internal whisperings, secreting a peace that freezes time just long enough for a glance, like some unreachable vision. A vision that leads to silent fulfillment. [source:]0larger-10 larger-1 larger-2 larger-3 larger-4 larger-11 larger-12 larger-14 larger-15 larger-17