Finding hidden identities with Adorable Monique

I’m a  U.S. based artist brought up abroad.I received art instruction in fine arts at La Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán and I have had the good fortune to be mentored by a renown Central American artist, which has helped enrich my artistic vision. I have been received merit awards, the opportunity to exhibit in various venues.Growing up surrounded by different cultures has broadened my overall view of life. I’m continuously pursuing success in personal, professional, and artistic endeavors as well in the artistic experience itself. ~Adorable Moniquea87696_464917c8859142e89545f65e6341b85aIn my bold, vibrant palette, my work invites you to look for meaning beyond color. The themes are a recurring focus on identity and cultural heritage, tangible and not tangible. In my art, I intend to convey the core value of the spirit of nature, my inspiration through the beauty found in each context, and the appreciation of the noble values of life.a87696_9d698dbd3ebd4a8ea9eefb438488c609I find my inspiration in nature and in the human figure, I transform these ideas into shapes and forms in which can relate to the inner value and life transformation that lies within. I find that color is capable to boost our lives.  3a87696_1df8db04cf9c4d61992fc8dc59c5e421 a87696_4b939169d986429cbfaa72f8abcd8b48 a87696_9386877694ff41d58bd9208bef824a32 a87696_a80d9ba0c4c04d629109b268bd28c3f9 a87696_b1eefd6a8698489eb9165b023ce990b6a87696_d9314a1161c841ab830f08db25b85eb2 a87696_c96e08d843e744a881eed6bb2f1184d12