The Metaphorical Artwork of Yasuaki Okamoto

Hello! I’m New York based Japanese Artist, Yasuaki Okamoto. I’ve lived in Spain, England and Canada before settling down in New York – and my metaphorically based artwork is very much inspired by my extensive travels throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

When I look back at all the artworks I have created, from the beginning I primarily painted animals, flowers, insects or natural landscapes with colorful elements. But at one point, instead of just showing things from nature, I began depicting man-made objects and incorporating social messages. It felt like protesting against something in the world, though I am not exactly sure what.
I am concerned with social and environmental issues of our planet which you can see in some of my artworks, but I am not trying to describe what’s wrong. What’s important to me is describing what has happened, or is happening, in our world. I would like the viewer to feel something and to have a deeper concern for the theme that I’ve creating in a subtle way.
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AnotherMeInsideOfMe Born to Die,Live to Sin CatchAndDamageAndRelease Cluster Munitions Coexistence Environmental Change Giacometti's Dog L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux Mosalisa WaterTankInADesert WildLifeInTheConcreteJungle