Paintings on vintage books by Ekaterina Panikanova

Ekaterina Panikanova turns vintage books into grid-like canvases for her paintings. In her paintings, she often depicts images that represent nostalgic scenes of people, animals, baked goods, and household items we all might remember from our childhood. In each of Panikanova’s works, she first reads the texts in the books and carefully selects her imagery based on the stories. She was first inspired to paint on old books when one day, she saw an old 700-page manuscript in a flea market. She was struck by the idea of how it could have ended up there, so far from where its creator intended it to go.

Panikanova says of her works: “I like working on old books: I like the way the wear and tear, underlinings, notes and scribblings enable me to perceive the personalities of the people who have read them. In Russia, there is a difference between a icon which has been ‘prayed to’ and one which has not; a book which has been read has the same kind of energy as an icon which has been worshiped.” [h/t:]tumblr_o8albdrEeT1rv33k2o1_500 tumblr_o8albdrEeT1rv33k2o2_500 tumblr_o8albdrEeT1rv33k2o3_500 tumblr_o8albdrEeT1rv33k2o4_500 tumblr_o8albdrEeT1rv33k2o5_500 tumblr_o8albdrEeT1rv33k2o6_500 tumblr_o8albdrEeT1rv33k2o8_500 tumblr_o8albdrEeT1rv33k2o9_500 tumblr_o8albdrEeT1rv33k2o10_500