The evocative paintings of Courtney Heather

American artist Courtney Heather has a strong admiration for mainstream media. She is fascinated by the power that music, novels, and cinema have on us and how we use them to distract ourselves from the mundane world. And once the temporal distractions run out, we replay them infinitely in order to maintain our state of pleasure.

Heather’s paintings revolve around this theme and her work incorporates video footage from mainstream media. She glamorizes our ordinary routines as we go about consuming mass media. And in doing so, she uplifts the mundane into the immortal.

Heather was raised in California, which she describes as an ideal setting that both allures and deceives. Most recently she studied an MA in Fine Art and has exhibited in various spaces across London. [h/t]58_1000 118_1000 459_1000 460_1000 461_1000 462_1000