The interwoven and connected work of Mikey Winsor

As we move through life we collect experiences unique to ourselves but relative to the world we are in. Our pursuit to improve our lives and others’ challenges the way we view things and also leaves decisions up to us to make. At some point, decisions will arise that are removed from survival or from want and happen in state of existence where the outcome is not easily understood. Some people call it having a dream, working towards utopia, or finding zen. Others may say we are navigating the abyss of thought and headed nowhere. But in between what we are and where we will be, is what we are working on now. For myself, painting is a reliable way to create an experience of about who we are and what we are all a part of. Sometimes we are people in places, sometimes we are organisms in systems, but always; we are interwoven and connected.~Mikey Winsor¬†