Raffi Kalenderian Paintings

In this series we look at the work of Los Angeles based artist Raffi Kalenderian. If you happen to be Los Angeles too then you can check out Raffi’s paintings at, Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, located in Culver City.  He paints from photographs and live models. Raffi’s featured work at the exhibition focus on subjects intently stare at nothing.  The quintessential 1000 yard stare…all presumably fixated on some unpleasant thought. You’ll find yourself trying to guess their problems.



RAFFI KALENDERIAN PAINTINGS raffi-kalenderian_1402088617_0 raffi-kalenderian_1402088618_1 raffi-kalenderian_1402088619_2 raffi-kalenderian_1402088768_0 raffi-kalenderian_1402088770_2 raffi-kalenderian_1403118670_0 raffi-kalenderian_1403118671_1 raffi-kalenderian_1403118672_2

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