25pages presents their first collection, Masters of Paint

As the founder and curator of 25pages I welcome you to check out the first collection called “Masters of Paint” in our newest addition to the online gallery world; 25pages by Get Inspired Magazine. With each two months a new exhibition, our mission is to bridge various art niches and provide its artists greater exposure to new markets. At the end of the exhibit each collection will be published in a book and can be downloaded for free or ordered as a hardcover through our print partner and sponsor Peecho.

The opening exhibit highlights the works of twenty-five contemporary master painters including Seb Niark, Chris Leib, Joe Simpson, Robert Steven Connett, JKB Fletcher, INO, John Wentz, Frau Isa, I Met Lucy, Meredith Marsone, Mr. Woodland, Lauren YS, Johnny Morant, BAYO, LOW BROS, Lente Scura, Saddo, Aitch, Andreas Englund, Daan Botlek, HRVB, Amok Island, Andre Schmucki, Carl Beazley and Wild Drawing (WD). A mix of the best street artists and painters found today! ~Andre Kreft 25pages-masters-of-paint-bayoThe work in this first exhibition, called “Masters of Paint” is selected by the artists themselves and showcases their personal most favorite work. I wanted to create a collection of amazing inspiring painters. Since street art is a big part in contemporary paint art and a lot of them are pretty amazing skilled painters I wanted to showcase a good mix of real paint on real things. Since a lot of art nowadays is digital created, the art of paint is not to be forgotten. As long as I’m the Editor of Get Inspired Magazine I have discovered a lot of talented artists in different creative niches. The idea of opening an online gallery has been on my personal road-map for years and with 25pages it came to live. Go check it out. The first exhibition runs till May 11th.25pages-masters-of-paint-andreas-englund 25pages-masters-of-paint-carl-beazley-1 25pages-masters-of-paint-jkb-fletcher-1 25pages-masters-of-paint-john-wentz 25pages-masters-of-paint-meredith-marsone-1 25pages-masters-of-paint-mr-woodland 25pages-masters-of-paint-saddo-1 25pages-masters-of-paint-wd