Finding what’s behind with Alison DeArruda

My recent focus has been on portraits, including the Presidential Series. With portraiture, my goal is to capture the subjects’ essence and true nature. I wish to break down the facade and reveal what lies behind it, reaching to the core of even the most powerful and influential of figures. With political views and preconceived notions set aside, I aim to depict the candidates as real people rather than just politicians. My portraits encapsulate the subject’s honest and true self, not through judgement, but through pure sensitivity and awareness. ~Alison DeArruda13680929_1403965579630697_996691139617497463_n29612_841523542541573_1567536543_n 487458_841892919171302_1361424024_n 528825_414536838573581_771501078_n 563794_414536761906922_1985520504_n 1235882_841045089256085_125838574_n 1662183_841033052590622_2012164244_n 10173613_841891652504762_119938818_n 10985270_1086186248075300_8813548746810353455_n 12195941_1218404314853492_1042686501704154969_n 12208698_1218403744853549_1885763417924083423_n