The 3D abstract paintings of Elin Bjorsvik

Artist, painter and printmaker based in London, UK. I work predominantly in the medium of acrylic painting, but have also an interest in printmaking and digital art. I started taking an interest in art from an early age and for most of my life painting, drawing and creating things has been both my profession and passion.

About my art: colourful abstract paintings that are build up with many thin layers of paint in order to create depth and 3D effect. My recent work is an exploration of form, colour and composition intending to create a feeling of another dimension in my paintings. Depth and dimensions are created by manipulating light, tone and shadow. Flow and movement evolve from the use of colours, composition and the layering of paint. ~Elin Bjorsvikgarden-of-joy-painting-for-sale green-square-and-pattern-painting-for-sale green-squares-in-pattern-painting-for-sale in-time-painting-for-sale morning-awake-2-painting-for-sale morning-celebration-painting-for-sale tranquil-moment-painting-for-sale visions-painting-for-sale watching-over-me-painting-for-sale yellow-square-in-texture