Abstracted portraits by JohanVan Mullem

Belgian artist JohanVan Mullem recently released his latest series of abstracting the traditional portrait. Titled Fiat Lux, Latin for the phrase “Let there be light”, the works continue his exploration of light, form, and identity. His flowing brushstrokes of bright colors create a seemingly illuminated countenance. Some of the paintings also suggest landscape and organic elements while others incorporate grid-like dots, as if the work were digitized.

Mullem previously stated the portraits do not represent actual people. Instead, he uses them as a symbol to express and reflect the viewer’s own soul. In a previous interview for Interview Magazine, he said, “I think that’s why many people are often afraid of my work, but that’s usually just on first sight. If you take the time, you can explore the beauty of your own story.” [h/t artsy.net]2014_12_vanmullem_michael_de_plaen_008

002_web 031_web 2014_12_vanmullem_michael_de_plaen_012 2014_12_vanmullem_michael_de_plaen_014 130903_013_web Abstracted portraits by JohanVan Mullem 20140520_vanmullem_105_web2014_12_vanmullem_michael_de_plaen_009