Aesthetic Romantics by Donatella Marcatajo

I want to propel the viewer in my own exploration of the universe of women. I’ve always think that every subject could narrate a unique story: in fact, in my last paintings, my model always looks to the observer because she has something to tell, and through her expressions of face, she could disclose and give her own world in a silent whisper.

In this moment I’m inspired by worldwide literature classics. I entitled my last series “Aesthetic Romantics” because I think to my art as an unusual duality about contemporary beauty and inquietude, characteristic of Romantic artists, such as PreRaphaelits with their sensitive symbolism that I captured in my own identity. I think that this bond has always living in me, as an existential conflict of the soul. So, I try to express it in my artworks, where in the emotional beauty of my models you can always find. in the gaze of their eyes, the invisible light of something hidden in the deep. They conceal their real ego, as the character of a novel, where appearances can often deceive.

Through a focus on hyperrealism, I don’t create merely close up of a portrait, characterized by warm skin shades and high concentration of details, but I evoke a mood travel in the human universe. ~Donatella Marcatajo662558_orig 1596653_orig 2261543_orig 5587485_orig 7512350_orig 8402013_orig 9107391_orig