Alternative Artifacts: Strange antiques in a post truth world

Alternative Artifacts is a series of hyper real oil paintings depicting strange antiques that never existed. The collection examines the often confusing and deceptive “post-truth era” we live in where facts are no longer seen as absolute; they are malleable and can be manipulated to push an agenda or opinion. Each object in the series stretches and bends the truth about our past in order to bring a focus on the deceptions going on in our world today. The old and worn out objects have a surreal quality that are meticulously painted which causes the viewer to question the authenticity of what they are seeing. The artifacts appear to be absurd but they are presented with such precise detail that their stories can almost be believed. This blurring of lines between what is real and what is not reflects our present day where extremist governments gaslight their own people, propaganda outlets pose as news organizations and social media networks spread conspiracy theories.~Jeff Bartels