Amazingly detailed watercolor portraits of Tibetans by Liu Yungsheng

Having grown up in and around Tibet, it’s no wonder Chinese artist Liu Yungsheng seems to express so much tenderness and care in his watercolor portraits. His works focus on capturing the people, the landscape, and the lifestyles of this place with a pure sincerity and profound intimacy. Yungsheng uses traditional watercolor techniques in his works to give his paintings a hyper-realistic effect that mimics the feel of a photograph. From every one of the subject’s fine wrinkles to the distinct curve of their smiling lips, not a single detail is missed.

Liu has won several gold awards for his watercolor paintings and has received special recognition for his uncanny attention to detail. His amazingly realistic paintings focus the viewer on the heart and raw emotion of the subject inside it. [h/t]liuyungshen1 liuyungshen2 liuyungshen3 liuyungshen5 liuyungshenwatercolours1 liuyungshenwatercolours5 liuyungshenwatercolours6 liuyungshenwatercolours7 liuyungshenwatercolours8 liuyungshenwatercolours9 liuyungshenwatercolours10 liuyungshenwatercolours11 liuyungshenwatercolours15,