Improvising in plurality – Andres Villarruel Mangas

The description of my work is a mixture of Realism and Surrealism. I am inspired by the Old Masters and my idol by Salvador Dali. The psychedelic and surreal is on most of my paintings and titles. The Poetic, Romanticism and the Symbolism.~Andres Villarruel MangasComplete the mixture. My art requires a high degree of organization and respect for the drying time. After the preparation of a foundation, I apply the colors by transparencies (glazes) using pure colors a technique  that can be Applied using polymerized linseed oil and resin (Venice turpentine and Copal). Transparencies, innumerable glazes, rich in detail on smooth bill, united and polished with a planed improvisation and Plurality of meanings.By breaking the human subject apart, I wish to enhance the beauty of movement, physical contact, emotions, and other aspects that put together a person. Thank you for providing a space and opportunity for emerging artists to gain more exposure.