Anthony Cudahy – Paintings

Anthony Cudahy’s process for creating his paintings consists of first searching though old photos (news clippings, family photos), finding something that strikes him, then painting a deconstructed rendition of the photo.  Anthony lives in Brooklyn and studied art at the Pratt Institute.

Anthony Cudahy - Paintings 65_lurk-web-anthony-cudahy-2 65_mld-web-anthony-cudahy-2 65_nightwalk 65_persistent-image-anthony-cudahy 65_tiwaml tumblr_n7mnoyWHcx1tz23nso1_500 tumblr_n7mnoyWHcx1tz23nso2_500 tumblr_n7mnoyWHcx1tz23nso3_500 tumblr_n7mnoyWHcx1tz23nso4_500 tumblr_n7mnoyWHcx1tz23nso5_500 tumblr_n7mnoyWHcx1tz23nso6_500 tumblr_n7mnoyWHcx1tz23nso8_500


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