Anxiety: behind the creations of Juanita Cruz

I am a Puertorican artist so the colors of the Caribbean are always present in my paintings. Everybody used to tell me about how fast I used to paint, something that was normal for me. My favorite style of painting is figurative abstract and I include some collage with ripped paper on them. I found out that writing words or phrases fast over my paintings made me feel relaxed and also found out that when trying to paint a figurative painting made me feel anxious because of the wait to see it done, so I used to put it away. Last year I was diagnosed with Chronic Anxiety, and the prescribed pills made me sick and changed my mood. So I decided to paint instead of taking pills and was when my best pieces came out and I could understand why I painted so fast. Since then, Anxiety is the motor behind my paintings and art is my best medicine. -Juanita Cruzfrida1 frida2 frida6 frida7 frida8 la-frida-juanita-cruz