The art diary of Marina Iks

Hi, my name is Marina and here are some of my paintings. I live in Croatia with my boyfriend Simone and a cat Pixie. We opened a page named, Simina a few months ago, where he works with wood and I paint. I like to paint with a story or a feeling behind it, so my paintings are some sort of  a diary to me.  My favorite media are pencil and watercolor.  I am self taught (actually self learning) and think everyone should take some time to explore and work on things they are passionate about :)) ~Marina Iks15235407_1794844364091001_4911239016576129285_o blue_by_siminaart-dapswzt connection_by_siminaart-danjews mini_by_siminaart-danaaua nothing_strange_in_that_by_siminaart-dammbay one_by_siminaart-dao4n9m strange_day_by_siminaart-dajrvjn tale_by_siminaart-dalqvw7 thelongbrightdark_by_siminaart-dajr278 waiting_by_siminaart-dajr5r8