Awesome Paintings by Andy Parker

Awesome Paintings by Andy Parker

Andy Parker’s awesome paintings are of the every day occurrences at Russel Park, a well know park near his home in London. Parker is featured over at the— “Russell Square is a great place for inspiration […]  Large areas of sun and shade make it a welcome oasis for those in need. Tourists pass through, often ‘casually’ sauntering around behind me to see what I’m up to, […] kids, dogs, squirrels, pigeons and crows do their thing, as well. People on phones, eating their sandwiches, chatting, playing and relaxing, they turn up for me every day… ”

Awesome Paintings by Andy Parker CardPlayers10x12x-607x500 CompetitiveDads6x8x-364x500 (1) SunDay6x8x-362x500


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