Celebrating memories with Sabika Fatima

I am Sabika Fatima, I am passionate about arts, colours, words and drawing. I have lived with the belief that ‘If you have a dream, it is your duty, your responsibility to make it come true.’16999175_589320624593031_3733365124417213961_nMy love for drawing, making and then filling everything with colours is the force that drives me, makes me feel happy and alive. My work, the choice of colours, medium and presentation of ideas is a depiction of what goes on in my mind, an expression of how I feel, what I see and what I think, how I see and perceive things/people/life and emotions around me.16463772_579430672248693_8043126812921993781_oI believe art is the most effective, nicest and purest way to communicate and convey feelings, emotions, moments, of celebrating, of making and sharing memories. For me, the success or value of my piece is dependent on the fact if it is able to make you feel something. My colours, images and words, is my way to fill this world and hearts with a lot more love, compassion and care; and then share it with everyone around. 16807445_585869874938106_8147207448828077831_n 16665744_581936255331468_3469754751189152330_o 15350717_553930708132023_3871967122484152274_n 15349695_555601001298327_9055109750452727687_n 15171074_550325258492568_4063946766829235491_n 4