Chasing the magical with Jonat Deelstra 

I take my inspiration mostly from my travels. I have seen parts of Asia and quite a lot of South-, Central- and North-America. Born in the Netherlands, I look at the world with Western-European eyes. I have a naive but also dark vision of the world. I travel the world to find leisure but also some kind of meaning in life. I don’t believe in materialism as a way to get happy, and since I am an Atheist, it can be hard to experience something bigger then ‘day-to-day life’. There must be more(!). That’s why I try to chase something ‘magical’ when I travel, and I think my desperate search shows in a lot of my work. The magical can be found, but is often quite disappointing as well. I need the supernatural. I need to learn about the Mystery of human existence.  ~Jonat Deelstra