Chromatic studies of pigment and light by María Daniela Arboleda Rosati

I’ve always been a solitary woman, I can confess that I dedicate most of my creative time to register moments that can allow me reconstruct my memory, and remember. Since I was little, I doodled on walls and imagined stories on my diaries that will soon become the inspiration for what I painted.

For me, art has no limits, nor physic or conceptual, I work on digital media, while experimenting on fine art production constantly. Is this contact with paint, and an infinity of non-conventional materials and techniques on producing art, what defines my work, what places my pieces on a continuous reinvention and evolution. ~María Daniela Arboleda Rosati065a7b37208871.5738cbc0163a2I don’t believe in concepts, or in defining myself under a professional title, while I work on Art Direction and Production Design, I Illustrate, produce Art, paint, draw and practice Yoga, this is the only way to find sense in my work.

I am Daniela Arboleda Rosati, an Ecuadorian artist, color lover, painting is my passion since I was 5 years old. Inspired by color all through out my life, my work is the result of continuous persistent chromatic studies from pigment to light.fa0a9037208871.5738cbc016871

My mix media consists in traditional old school techniques, as well as industrial modern ones.

Starting from the basics, graphite and eraser on paper, watercolor and pencil, Chinese ink, acrylic & oil paint. Opposed to alternative materials such as permanent ink, acrylic & oil markers, nail polish and spray paint. Synthetic, car paint, varnish and floor lacquer. Our own recipe.8e665d37208871.5738cbc015ce71c8ed937208871.5738cbc0157e3 81dcd537208871.5738cbc016ce7 b1129837208871.5738cbc015325 be883b37208871.5738cbc017241 cf48b037208871.5738cbc0176f8