Coffee paintings on century old paper by Michael Aaron Williams

I have always been fascinated with the old and the antique, even from a young age. Due to this fascination, or perhaps obsession, my studio is littered with torn pages and fractured bindings of the last two centuries. I use ledger paper from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s as a substrate on which to paint with coffee as it melts in perfectly with the natural character of the antique papers.  ~Michael Aaron Williams

This work focuses on the borrowing of a context. It adds richness and depth that I believe draws the viewer in. For myself, I see it as a way to interact with a tangible relic of the past as well as those that have come before me. I first started working with the antique ledger paper when I found piles upon piles of these accounts strewn across my great great grandparents’ rural Appalachian store. The roof was falling in and the floor was giving out, but underneath the rubble of a long-forgotten store I found these papers, all handwritten by my ancestors. So I began to use this paper to explore ideas and concepts revolving around the passage of time, the culture of Appalachia, and contemporary occurrences framed within a historical context.coffart_s005 coffart_s006 coffeeart2 images kaleab-web michael_aaron_bison Michael-Aaron-Williams-01-750x420 Michael-Aaron-Williams-foxes-birds-1-web Michael-Aaron-Williams-girls-mockingbirds-web tumblr_nxy5zcJIE61u8rtwro1_r1_1280 tumblr_nxy5zcJIE61u8rtwro6_r1_1280 z