In the network of cultural mobilization, systematization, modeling of the human reality and creating a cocoon of the cultural dogma, in an obscure dimension abides the atavistic human dimension. Along with treating the culture as a fetish and the human rational nature, the fact that the man is an animal creature can not be neglected. ~Dushan PejchevMy basic intention was to show the passing of the biological forces through the cultural walls. The focus is in the moment of the synapses of the cultural­animal relations where the course of the society towards the acceptable goals is a result of suppressing of the instinctive forces that are sublimed and distanced from their intentions and goals. But, this distancing is not constant. Every instinctive outburst is a question for the culture. The modeling instinct is present in the culture. This is what I do in the painting, as well. In an interior as a space which is a result of the spiritual and material values of the humankind I show small instinctive acts (sometimes culturally not shaped) but often culturally modeled. I want those situations to function as amplifiers of the doctrine of the culture itself, against the culture originating from the culture for itself. One might say that the causality for the determination if this particular cultural form is maybe a reflection of our own inner life. With this artistic constellation I wanted to create a juxtaposition with the results of the cultural against the animal human actions. The space carries along a particular identifying profile which is contextualized as a treasury of information. In this case, it is a matrix of cultural amplitudes, but the physical arrangement and the way of composing of certain digressive elements in the spatial unit render a partially regressive mood. By illumination the instinctive structural unit, without which the concept of the human would not be complete, I don’t ant to desecrate the human ego but to bring the man closer to nature. The profiling of the human as an animal creature does not necessarily require taking off of the cloths of culture.
In the parameters given as such the question arises of whether humans are rather cultural entities than animals.