A dialogue between the natural vs synthetic world – David Fooks

I’m an Australian visual artist currently based on the uniquely beautiful island of Tasmania. Working across a variety of mediums and stylistic approaches, my work has always strongly gravitated toward depicting realism and emotion in portraiture. While my background in graphic design seems to inform the work through a different lens of colour, layout, and constant stylistic curiosity. ~David Fooks3c7b2d2644414.56017c26afe70Thematically my work has focused on a dialogue between the viewer and the viewed, the natural vs synthetic world and that we are all bound by feeling elicited through perceived beauty. It is usually an instinctual process, which presents with its own movement, emotion and an open ended narrative.6a1ee52651111.56017c7d13f10
I am currently working through a series of 100 ‘Quick & Somber’ portraits. Gathering photos provided by friends and family across social media platforms, sending ‘somber selfies’, which depict a more vulnerable, emotional state than the standard idealised version of themselves. These daily portraits are then filtered through my own emotional state in a series of quick and instinctual experiments, and re-posted across these platforms with the subject tagged. Opening up a deeper connection between the people involved, and their broader network of viewers. The work sets out to encourage openness in the discussion and communication of personal hardship, grief and depression, in the hope that we can more easily work through these difficult times by reaching out to our various networks, without the stigma of an ‘over-share’ or fear of social scrutiny.   9faf512695855.56017ee114830 509cf82651119.56017c6c6e316 9629da2651154.56017c4ab153e 360576-l-1460995889 360578-l-1460995892 360584-l-1460995895 afe1552683686.56017e180d79a e60e842644619.56017c04c3459