The ‘drip n pour’ paintings of J. R. Seymour

Mid-West artist. I took basic art classes from Jr high up through college. Beyond that I’m self taught. Jackson Pollock has inspired my drip n pour method, since I gravitate towards impressionism and like to draw the viewer in with their minds eye (recognition of form). At 66 I still have to re-invent myself. I like colors and action when possible. Sometimes, I enjoy minimal colors that can compliment each other or the composition.~J. R. Seymourbtbguy4I use the floor for my easel, and concentrate on form or subject as I’m dripping the paint with drip sticks. I’ll use a palette knife or spatulas to complete the desired result. fghgc45 gfhtgvu5 ghugtgh75 hfgfjh7s jhdf5s kjnvrftg7 kl,m12