The eclectic watercolors of Federica Boddi

Hello everyone! I am Federica, Italian-born permanently living in Belgium. I graduated with a Master in Maritime Economics and Management and I work in this field… but my biggest passion is art, painting in particular. What a peculiar mix you would say, isn’t it? Indeed, no adjective is more appropriate to describe me than eclectic, and so is my art. ~Federica Boddi  Composition-minThe love for art came so far in time I almost can not remember. I have very confused memories of me drawing with pastels on the tiles of my grandmother’s house in Italy, me shaping animals in modelling clay, me with both hand covered in acrylic painting and so on. Today, this huge passion of mine took a more specific form: watercolour. Since watercolour “came to save me” during a very dark period of my life, I literally use art as my medication. Yet, unless the stereotype of medicine as something ugly (aka: bitter syrups and painful syringes), my paintings are drenched in love for life and for this world. I won’t say I sugarcoat reality, not at all.Fantasy landscape-min My aim is just to use colours, shapes and compositions in a way to catch and drag the eye of the observer on the positives of what surrounds us. Although my obvious lack of academic background, I paint because it makes me peaceful and I hope to inspire you all to push a bit harder to find everyday, in every small things, the wonders of life.  flower-min Oscar-min Trees-min