Erik Jones’ Motion

Erik Jones’ debut solo exhibition is called Motion and will be featured at Hashimoto in San Francisco. Most of Jones’ paintings consist of a surreal, abstract overlay, on top of a foundation of a photo-realistic painting — as if the surreal and abstract are hovering over reality. Some of his paintings contain only the abstract elements, better showing off the vibrancy and movement of his work.

“Using watercolor and colored pencil as the soft foundation upon which Jones’ figures manifest, oil paint and wax pastels are then layered upon the main subject in a more intuitive manner. These saturated patterns move around the figure, further highlighting various gestures or the occasional curious glance peering out from behind the colorful structures.”

Erik Jones' Motion 06_DSC7014 07_DSC7355 14122460061_f5cf7a9aa3_o 14329118360_46500bae8f_o 14329176219_6058d1e592_o 14329176539_05a33804e7_o 14329177239_201dae3d73_o 14492672986_275fd35c65_o 14514378824_4d0d57dcc6_o


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